The Vidgeon Family Tree


My family tree has been put together over many years and I make no claims to it's absolute accuracy. The information has been gathered from many Kent Parish Records, the Internet and various other sources. My grateful thanks are also extended to Barry J. Videon from Australia, who supplied me with a compiled list of Kent Vidgeon's (and the spelling variations) that go back to the year 1500. However, my initial source and inspiration was the book given to Ann Castle by her father in 1826. It is a Marshall's Commercial Pocket book for 1826 and in it she recorded Births, Deaths and Marriages as well as other events she considered to be important in her own family and the local community. Over the years, the book has been passed down through the family for successive members to keep up to date.


With regard to my own tree, I will be especially grateful to receive any information that links William Vidgeon Abt.1786 - 1838 to his, as yet, unknown parents. Try as I might, this information eludes me - hence my attempts to publish this on the Internet. There are a great many missing links that I have been unable to pursue but one that has been recently proved is the Essex Connection - now essentially complete.


Rather than publish the many hundreds of individual records in my possession, I have only published some of the families I have managed to piece together. There are many other individuals and small branches that will, at some point I am sure, join together to make the bigger picture but until then, the search goes on.


If anyone has any corrections, additions or extra information regarding the Vidgeon/Videon/Vigeon name and the spelling variations that can be tied in to these trees, please contact me.

Arthur Vidgeon on: arthur@whfarm.co.uk


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Descendants of William Vidgeon Abt.1792 (My line)


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