This is a list of the accumulated families in Chronological order, starting with the eldest member of each group.

There will be some mistakes and I will be happy to have them pointed out to me.

In order to obtain some sort of chronological order, I have estimated some individuals year of birth at 20 years prior to their marriage date, unless there is a particular reason to do otherwise. Hence, most people at the beginning of each tree have an estimated DOB.

This web site is in it's infancy and growing all the time, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with any information, additions or corrections.

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Descendants of Thomas Vydean Abt.1565 From Chilham. Brother of Reynold Vydean?

Descendants of Reynold Vydean Abt.1568 From Chilham. Brother of Thomas Vydean?

Descendants of Anthony Videan Abt.1569 From Little Chart - 11 miles from Chilham. Another Brother of the above?

Descendants of Gregory Vidgen Abt.1584 From Molash. From Molash to Sheldwich is 5 miles.

Descendants of Thomas Vidian Abt.1588 From Sheldwich.

Descendants of Thomas Vidian Abt.1593 From Mersham. Brother of John below?

Descendants of John Vidian Abt.1596 From Mersham. Brother of Thomas above?

Descendants of Andrew Vidian Abt.1599 From Throwley

Descendants of Hamond Vidgean Abt.1624

Descendants of William Vidgeon Abt.1629 From Mersham

Descendants of William Vidgeon Abt.1634 From Throwley

Descendants of Thomas Vidgean Abt.1641 From Minster in Sheppey. The Bellringing connection with Eastchurch

Have a look at the Hoo St.Werburgh Web Site on:

Descendants of Thomas Videan Abt.1642 From Woodchurch

Descendants of James Videan Abt.1642 From Molash

Descendants of Richard Videan Abt.1645 From Throwley

Descendants of Thomas Videan Abt.1662 From Lydd

Descendants of James Videan Abt.1664 From Chilham?

Descendants of John Vidgeon Abt.1670 From Meopham

Descendants of James Videan Abt.1680 From Badlesmere. Brother to the two below?

Descendants of Thomas Vidgean Abt.1689 From Badlesmere. Brother to James and Thomas?

Descendants of Thomas Videan Abt.1689 From Badlesmere. Brother to the two above?

Descendants of John Vigeon Abt.1692 From Birling

Descendants of James Vidgen Abt.1706 From New Romney

Descendants of Thomas Vidgeon Abt.1717 From Throwley

Descendants of William Videon Abt.1729 From Leaveland or Sheldwich or Selling

Descendants of Edward Videon Abt.1737 From Throwley and Sheldwich

Descendants of William Vidgeon Abt.1744 From Sheldwich

Descendants of John Vidgen Abt.1752 From Mersham

Descendants of Franklin Videan Abt.1754 from Deal/Dover Related to John below? Has a daughter christened in Rochester

Descendants of John Vidion Abt.1756 From Rochester. Related to Franklin above?

Descendants of Martin Videan Abt.1757 From Boughton Blean

Descendants of James Vidging Abt.1767 From Charing

Descendants of John Videon Abt.1767 From Sheldwich, Throwley and London

Descendants of John Videan Abt.1776 Froma Badlesmere/Sheldwich

Descendants of Thomas Vidgen Abt.1785 From Charing

Descendants of William Vidgeon Abt.1792 (My line) From New Romney, Charing, Lower Halstow, Upchurch & 

                                                                                                                            Hoo St.Werburgh

Descendants of Edgar Videan Abt.1801 From Molash, Badlesmere & Throwley

Descendants of William Videon Abt.1803 From Throwley

Descendants of Joseph Videan Abt.1804 From Molash, Charing & Chilham

Descendants of John Vidion Abt.1804 From Sheldwich

Descendants of John Videan Abt.1815 From Throwley, Sheldwich & Badlesmere

Descendants of James Videon Abt.1824 From Lenham - probably

Descendants of Edward Videan Abt.1831 From Chartham?

Descendants of Henry H Vidgeon Abt.1837 From Wye and Mersham

Descendants of Daniel Vidgeon Abt.1842 From Hythe.                Is this Daniel the same person as

Descendants of Daniel Vidgeon Abt.1855 From Croydon.            this Daniel???

Descendants of Thomas Videon Abt.1842 From Medway?

Descendants of George William Vidgeon Abt.1881 From Plymouth and Ilford, London