Transcript of Ann Castle's book in page order


There are also some recipe's, accounts and other articles that have been transcribed to a different page.

Most pages are dedicated to a particular family but occasionally, they spill over to an adjacent page.

Original grammar and spelling have been retained but some letters and words are illegible.


Mr Peerman preached his fairwell sermon 20 August 1876 Rainham

Ann Castle her book given her by father May 12th 1826

Thomas Grant left Rainham for America December 7th 1870

Liza Castle the daughter of W Castle left for Australia August 19th 1876


D K B 1879

Little baby boy was bornd the 9th March 1857 as they came down to Halstow the 10th April 1857

George was bornd August 17 1859

Died August 6 1861

was bornd July 23 1861


Come to the **** May 13**

Mrs Sarah Lewis Bowden Hindmarsh Adalaid South Australia

Robert Vidgeon went to Hoo to live April ** 1871

Robert Vidgeon bought his residence at Hoo June 20th 1876

Robert Vidgeon went to Hoo to live 1871



William Castle was bornd December 13th 1770

Ann Larking was bornd October 13th 1771

John Castle was bornd October 29th 1796

William Castle was bornd December 2nd 1797

James Castle was bornd January 16th 1799

Thomas Vidgeon put prentice August ** ****


Thomas Vidgeon Pretty put prentice August 1874

Hannah Castle was bornd September 22nd 1800

Thomas Castle was bornd November 19th 1802

Daniell Castle was bornd September 25th 1805

and departed this life November 29

Samuel Castle was bornd October 10th 1806


Ann Castle was bornd May 7th 1810

Sarah Castle was bornd September 16th 1812

Alfred Castle was bornd March 13th 1816

Mother died October 6th 1830

Father died July 3rd 1832

Mi*s Beaumont died November 8th 1838 aged 70 years

Samuel Castle died February

James Castle died at Strood July 4th 1887

Ann Vidgeon Pretty died June 27th 1861

Robert Allen Vidgeon September 27th 1876 100


Ann Castle died October 6 1830

William Castle died July 3rd 1832 aged 62 years

Aunt Coveney died August 31 1862 aged 75 years

Doctor Newburys house was built in 1806

Doctor Newburys lady was found dead in her bed the 29th of April 1824. Aged 61 years

Doctor Newbury was found in his bed the 21st December 1824

Doctor Newburys house was pulled down and ***** cottages 1850

Mrs Gallehawk took to the Union May 2nd 1881 27


Aunt Head died September 1st 1846

Mr Jackson left Halstow Mill May 5th 1842 and William Jarrett took the mill and in August the 26th 1843 he shot himself in the 25 year of his life

Mr Chaffe died April 21st 1843 and the house was sold to Mr Grevy on August 6th 1843

Jarret family gave up the Mill April 10th 1844 and Mrs Payn took the mill of them

Mr Friend Doctor of Newington died December 7th 1846 aged 60 years


The first Sunday Mr Cobb don duty October 22nd 1876

Mr Payn left Halstow Mill April 8th 1851

The Mill was rebuilt and let to Mr Cloak the 17th May 1853

Mr Cloke moved back to Waltham the 10 of June 1857

Mr Jordan died at Upchurch March 29th 1845

Mr Hadlow of Upchurch died December 14th 1846

George Thacker of Upchurch was shot by his father December 14th 1846

Mr Thomas Wakley of Rainham died March 10th 1849 aged 50 years

Mrs Hadlow of Upchurch died December May 17 1849

Mrs Roberts of Halstow died December 24th 1849 aged 50 years

Richard Baker died June 15th 1850 aged 34 years

Mr Roberts died September 7th 1860 aged 66 years. Died at Linton buried at Halstow


William Hadlow of Upchurch died in London January 3rd 1846

Robert Brenchly left his home the 14th July and found hanged in the wood the 16 July 1850

Young Mrs W Vant died August 25th 1850 aged 33 years

Mr W Vant died June 22nd 1871 aged 60 years

Mr J Craydon died August 26 1850

Mrs S Craydon died July 22nd 1864

Mrs Read of Upchurch died January * 1851 aged 72 years

Mr Head died June 25 1852 aged 26 years

Mrs Giles died June 2 1853 aged 31 years

Mr Vant died August 2 1853

Hannah Rainer died May 6 1855

Thomas Rainer died September 28 1858

James Thomas Rainer died April 18th and was buried at Stapleton cemetry April 21st 1860


Edward Castle died January 4 1854

Eliza Castle died January 21 1856

Sarah Jordan died July 22nd 1856

John Castle died February 211862

Ann Elizabeth Larking Rainer died October 14 1869 aged 33 years

Mrs D Castle died April 20 1870

Daniel Kingsland died December 6th 1871 aged 72 years

Daniel Castle married June 2nd 1873


Thomas Lewis sailed for Australia November 21 1854

Robert Deen sailed for Australia November 28 1854

Thomas Lewis died April 11 1855

Mrs Adams died October 19 1858

Mr Woodruff of Upchurch died February 18th 1869 aged 64 years

Mrs A Kehurst died April 16th 1869

Mr A Kehurst died November 5th 1873

Mr Tudman died November 7th 1873 aged 42 years


Mrs Wildish died June 6th 1845

Sarah Wildish died July 29th 1864

Mrs Mudge died May 30th 1852

Mr Mudge died May 19th 1859

Shairper Trufs died February 25 1862

Mary Laid died August 8 1862 aged 64 years

John Thacker died November 8 1864

Mt Gilbert hung himself February 25th 1865

William Pretty was drownded June 15th 1866

William Wildish died June 17 1871

James Gilbert died July 10 1874 ag 36


Mr John Friend Doctor of Rainham died March 23rd 1855 aged 46 years

Stephen Walter & William Webb was drowned July 2nd 1855

Mrs Wade died Janaury 11th 1857

Mr Pain of Rainham died February 22nd 1857

Mr Wade died February 17th 1879

Mrs Ashby of Breadgar died May 20 1857

Mr Smart of Rainham died April 9 1858 aged 80 years

Dr Poor  of Murson died April 5 1866

Sr John Tywin died May 18 1866


The Railway was open from Faversham to the Gibralter Chatham January 26 1858

and from Gibralter to Strood the 29 March 1858

Newington Station was open for passengers August 1 1862


James Randall died December 11th 1870

Mrs Wells died September 23rd 1858 aged 72 years

James Vidgeon died December the 5 1858 aged 48 years

Peter Alchin died December the 17 1858 aged 66 years

Mr Thomas Dood died May 30 1859

Emeline Baker died May 30 1859

James Baker Mr Craydons man died April 17 1860

Mr Wells died June 15th 1864 aged 80 years

William Vidgeon died October 19th 1857

Mrs Goble died August 29th 1866

Mr R Hubbard died July 15 1867 at Upchurch

Betsy Goble

Mrs Larkin died April 14 1868


Mrs J Wakely died January 31st 1878

Tinker Tom died February 1st 1878

Mr D Green destroyed his life February 1st 1880

John Jordan brought to Upchurch buried May 26 1881

Mrs Gallehawk went union May 27 1881 died July 4th 1881

James Castle died July 4th 1881

Rebaca Castle died May 15 1883


Mr J Dodd died July 19 1872

Mr Solomon died July 27 1872

Mr Solomon came to Gore Farm Upchurch October 1856

Mr Lewis left barksore farm & went to Key Street February 11 1862

Courtenys war took place on the 31 of May 1838

Mr Lewis died August 9 1862 aged 76 years

Elizabeth Castle the wife of W Castle died May 16th 1852

Sarah Castle died May 16th 1852

John Castle died February 1st 1852

James Castle died August 24th 1859

John Castle died February 21 1862

William Castle died April 7 1865

Fred Castle died August 9th 1873 aged 26 y


Mr Dood land and property sold October 28 181

Mr Wakleys land & property sold May 25 1858

Mr Ludgate bought Mr Doods house on the green October 11th 1858

Sarah Ann Castle of Strood was married February 28 1859

Ted Castle died 1948


Emma Vidgeon and William England was married December 18 8881

Ader England bornd December 31st 1882

Emma England died July 9th 1888 aged 28 years

Ada England died April 5th 1905


Ann Vidgeon married May 20th 1882

Francis Hellen Smith born September 27 1883

William Smith born

Henrietta Smith born

George Smith born

William Smith died

Frances Hellen Smith died

Henrietta Smith died

George Smith died April 20th '89

Mr Kitchingham died February 8th 1883


James Vidgeon was married May 11 1861

Emma Vidgeon was bornd June 7th 1861

Ann Vidgeon was bornd October 18th 1862

Robert Vidgeon was bornd January 15th 1864

Elizabeth Vidgeon was bornd June 28th 1865

Frances Vidgeon was bornd January 10th 1867

Ellen Vidgeon was bornd December 12th 1868

Thomas George Vidgeon was bornd May 4th 1870

Heneretta Vidgeon was bornd January 4th 1872

James Vidgeon was bornd September 3rd 1873

James Vidgeon died January 15th 1876

James Vidgeon died January 28th 1876 aged 42 years

William Vidgeon bornd May 28th 1876

William Vidgeon died September 13th 1877

Albert was bornd September 16 1881

Albert died December 5th 1911 aged 30 years


Mary Lewis was married to life February 8th 1863

The Gas brought to Rainham & lit for the first time February 24 1868

Margery Doris Webb died July '99

Jessie Mildred Webb born March 17th 1901 died August 1901

Richard Webb born July 20th 1902

Marion Irene Webb born June 6th 1904

Kathleen Ida born September 11th 1905

Richard died

Doris married Victor Hammond

1 son named John

Kathleen married Kenneth Knight - no children

Marion Webb died April 22 1976

Vic Hammond died My 31st 1967


Robert Vidgeon was married March 4th 1865

A little boy still bornd June 20th 1866

Annie Vidgeon bornd June 15 1867

Heneretta Vidgeon bornd August 20 1869

Daniel Vidgeon bornd November 12th 1871

Rose Vidgeon bornd November 28t 1874

Thomas Vidgeon bornd September 14th 1878

Edith Vidgeon was born June 19th 1881

Amy Vidgeon bornd February 25th 1883

Jessie Vidgeon born October 10 1885

Annie Vidgeon married to Richard Gold May 11th 1893

Henrietta Vidgeon married to Ernest John Webb February 19 1896

Margery Doris Webb born May 28th 1897

Doris Margery Webb born May 28 1897

See opposite side (This refers to the previous page)


Rose Vidgeon married to Hartnell Webb March 1/97

Richard Hartnell Vidgeon Webb born March 29.1899

Died April 7th 1899

Harold Webb born December 5th 02

Stella Webb born July 3 1906

Harold Webb died February 1949

Hilda Gold died October 6th 1944 age 50

Ollie Gold 20-2-87 died


Annie Vidgeon married to Richard Charles Gold May 11th 1892

Hilda Gold born August 13th 1894

Reginald Gold born April 14th 1903

Oliver Richard Gold born March 15/05

Annie Vidgeon Gold died November 29th 1922

Richard Gold died March 6th 1928

(Grandpa) Robert Allen Vidgeon died 1905 November 26th

Sarah Ann Vidgeon wife of R A Vidgeon died March 4th 1927

Jessie Vidgeon died June 12 1901 age 15


Amy Vidgeon married to Thomas Albert Mathews October 17th 1901

Edith Nellie Mathews born September 28th 1903

Marjorie Mathews born January 10th 1905

Masie Mathews died September 8th 1906

Dorothy Mary born Sept

Winnie Mathews Eva Mathews Ronald & Maurice all married

Edith Mathews married Mafeking Waldren

3 children - Don, Joyce &

Edith died March 4th 1942 age 38


Edith Vidgeon married to Alfred Ernest John Price February 18th 1903

3 children Lloyd, Wilmot & Vera

Alfred Price died April 15th 1932


Daniel Vidgeon married Mabel Constance Knight February 2nd 1910

They had 4 children

Allan Arthur Vidgeon born December 6th 1910

Donald Leslie Vidgeon born September 13th 1912

Gladys Audrey born June 17th 1914

Marjorie Joan born November 30th 1916

She married Bernard A Wilson November 28th 1942

Gladys Audrey Vidgeon married Edwin J Samways August 25th 1943

Allan Arthur Vidgeon married Jessie E Wright September 18th 1948

Daniel Vidgeon bought T Vidgeon's share of White House & became whole owner of White House August 2nd 1932


Donald Leslie Vidgeon died October 8th 1944 age 32

Daniel Vidgeon died February 7.1948 aged 76

Hetty Webb died January 23rd 1949 age 80

Thomas Vidgeon died June 2nd 1953 age 74 cremated at Charing

Edith Vidgeon (Price) died October 22.1973

Mabel Constance Vidgeon died 22-4-1964


John Baker died November 16.1881

John Fowler died November 26.1881


Thomas Vidgeon married Edith Smith February 8th 1910

They had 2 children

Robert Allen born April12th 1911

Norman Thomas born May 26th 1911

Robert A V married Ivy Roberts

Norman T V married Pam Burton

Robert A died 31-3-1980

Norman died 10-12-2000


Mrs Gallehawk went to the Union May 27 1881 died July 4 1881

W Ludgater was bornd November 22.187

H Wildish opened the brickfield on J Lewis from February 1st 1864

Wimond Ludgater died September 2.1848 Aged 16 years

Mr Ludgater died November 10th 1864

Mrs Mitchell of Upchurch died November 30th 1864 aged 57 years

Mr Ship died July 15th 1872

Mrs Manser died April 27th 1874

Mr T Manser died November 21.1870

Mr Gallihawk droped dead at work December January 2nd 1871

Mr Obee droped dead going to work December January 16th 1871

Henry Hedgecock of Upchurch died November 10 1872 age 61

Mr E (or C) Adams died November 29 1872 aged 59 years


Mrs Gowings land sold April 28 1863

the plantation at Newington 200

the largest lot Halstow J Lewis bought 675

the small lot Do W Lewis bought 155 (The 'Do' is under Halstow)

Robert Timson left Grimberough marsh August 5 1863

W Lewis bought Halstow Crofe May 10 1864 for 700

Robert Timson died November 1st 1864

Mr Wyles of Upchurch went to barmin asylem December 19th 1864


Emma Castle was married December 6th 1881

Edward Nicolls the son of Mary Nicolls was bornd November the 14th 1825

Mr Jordan sail of property October 20 1835

Mr Jordan left Halstow & went to Upchurch October 1844

Alfred Castle went to his new house at Rainham January 25.1860

Charles Smith of Rainham died at the men of Kent November 30 1861

Mr Creighton Troy Town Died September 12th 1863 aged 55 years


John  Castle was bornd October 29th 1796

Sarah Castle was bornd January 2nd 1802


John Castle was bornd October 9th 1822

Ann Castle was bornd November 28th 1823

Alfred Castle was bornd May 20th 1826

John Castle was bornd June 15th 1829

William Castle was bornd June 18th 1832

George Castle was bornd June 18th 1834

Edward Castle was bornd December 14 1836


Allan Arthur Vidgeon married Jessie Edith Wright September 18th 1948 2 sons

Arthur Daniel Vidgeon born June 13th 1954

Robert Allen Vidgeon born April 17th 1957

Arthur D Vidgeon married Yvonne Hardisty July 3rd 1976

Nichola Dawn Vidgeon born to Arthur & Yvonne November 18th 1977

David Arthur Vidgeon born January 2nd 1980 to A & Y


Gladys Audrey Vidgeon married Edwin Jack Samways 25th August 1943

Jean Leslie Samways born April 1st 1948 married Les Verrell

Martin John Samways born December 11th 1950


Marjorie Joan Vidgeon married Bernard Alfred Wilson 1942

Allan Bernard born June 26th 1947

Ann Marjorie Wilson born 25th July 1950 married Geoff Hammond 9-10-1971

Allan B Wilson died 25 December 1962


D Dann (Knight) died 26-2-1985

Ken Knight died 12-7-1985

Kath Knight (Webb) died 22-9-1985

Doris Hammond (Webb) died 9-3-1986


Fred Castle was married January 18th 1869

Rose Castle was married November 25th 1873


Edward Castle went to sea in the Golden Age October 9th 1866

Come home May 24th 1868

Edward Castle was drownded at sea June 12th 1873 on his passage to Australia


John Head was married September 30th 1876


James Kitchingham was married April 26th 1873

Elizabeth Kitchingham was married November 1 1873

Edith bornd February 1st 1874

John Head married September 30 1876

Fanny Kitchingham married December 25 1876

Mrs H Castle married August 16th 1879 to a man that calls himself Fred Beach

he was taken in charge September 16 1880 for stealing his logers watch and gard value 5/- was cast for two months hard labour September 20 1880 the same day they came and took all her furniture and lift her homeless with a baby bornd July 14 1880 He came out of Canterbury prison 22 19 November and took to Rochester and and commited to Maidstone for two months November 22 1880


Mike Hart took the Brittanni? June 23 1860

J Thomas took it of Hart October 11 1863

Wimond Gowing was married June 26 1860

Thomas Bean married October 1 1861

Charls Stiles married November 6.1862

Sarah Ann South married November 17 1862

Alfred Castle was married to Susan Hepton December 15 1862

Thomas Pretty married December 1862

Elizabeth Craydon was married to H South March 10th 1863

Sarah Mancer was married to Edward Selyes?? May 14th 1864

Robert Allen Vidgeon was married March 4.1865

Jesse Castle was married April 15th 1865

Francis Castle was married to John Seager December 11 1865

Mahala Castle was married 1865

Fred Castle was married January 18th 1869


William Lewis was married January 19 1852

William King was married April 20 1852

John Howlstock was married May 2 1858

Mr Giles was married June 19 1858

Mr William Vant maried to Mrs Miller June 27th 1859

James Rainer & Alfred adams entered on board ship Ampheos?? August 2 1859

Emma Jordan & J Snoward was married December 24 1859

and the daughter was bornd December 30 1859 and was christened Sarah at Halstow church January 22nd 1860

Mrs Fred Castle married November 1st 1876


Elizabeth Botting of a daughter bornd May 20 1859 and died January 11 1860

Grace Dennis of July 23rd 1860

Susan Hepton of son September 5th 1860

Mrs Cloak came on the quiz January 10 1861

Charles Maplested was killed on the line by putting his hand on the mettle March 22nd 1866

Mr Orswell died May 23 1876

Robert Vidgeon took the Thomas Tuff June 8 1860


Elizabeth Rainer son was bornd March 12 1858


Alice Walton Dunbarr Scotland December 14 1861


Mr A Castle came to Lenham August 3/1865

Mr J Randall left the Tonns June 4th 1866

A Vidgeon went to Rigzell May 2nd 1866

Edward Castle came home January 2nd 1872

went away January 10th 1872


Went to Rainham October 7 1865 Went Halstow 10

Went to Faversham 14 to see little Tom Pretty came back to Lenham 21 Rainham 16

Ann Pretty went to Iwade to live September 28th 1860

Drove from home A Randall

Went to Strood October 18 1864 Returned 24th

Drove from home March 22nd 1865 came to Lenham March 25th

went to Rainham to my brothers funner**

April 9 1865 returned the 11 whent to Rainham April 25 whent

to Halstow 27 returned to Lenham 2nd May 1865

Went to Rainham June 24 came back to Lenham 28

went to Rainham August 21 went Halstow

**** back to Lenham 26


Went to Halstow November 9 & did not return to Lenham till the 26 of February 1866

went to Halstow March 16 returned to Lenham 24 1866

went Riggsill May 2nd 1866 went to Halstow May 13 and returned to Riggshill 15

went to Rainham August 5th returned 7th 1866

brother Alfred came to Ottenden October 21st 1866

Went to Rainham January 1 1887 came back to Lenham 19